Somewhere In Space

for SSAA & percussion trio
Music by: Emily Green
Text by: Edith Södergran, English translation by David McDuff
Commissioned and premiered by Modern Sound Collective in 2023.

The vastness of outer space reveals an allegory for a monumental journey of self-discovery in Somewhere in Space, setting the words of Finnish poet Edith Södergran for treble voices and eclectic percussion instruments.

On foot
I had to cross the solar system
before I found the first thread of my red dress
I sense myself already
Somewhere in space hangs my heart
shaking the void, from it stream sparks
into other intemperate hearts


(Minimum Purchase of 20 Copies Per Item Required)


MSC0002 – Somewhere in Space – PERUSAL SCORE PDF


Somewhere In Space is set to a Swedish poem written by Finnish poet Edith Södergran. The poem uses the vastness of outer-space as an allegory for the monumental journey of self- discovery. Treble voices are accompanied by a trio of eclectic percussion instruments, lending a unique and eccentric character to the piece.


-In general, vowels and pronunciation should be more relaxed and casual than in traditional choral singing. For example, in the phrase “On foot I had to cross…” the T at the end of “foot” should not be emphasized, and should instead be pronounced just as it would in regular speech.
-Sections sung on “e” refer to IPA letter /e/ as in “make” -the vowel in “da-da” should also be relaxed: closer to / ɐ/ than /ɑ/

Grace notes:
-Grace notes should be fast, and start *on* the beat of the note to which they are attached.

-The “rod” in the percussion trio may be any long stick that can be held upright when standing, and used to hit the ground with the bottom end. It should be substantial enough to make a satisfactory sound. I suggest a wooden or metal broomstick (not a plastic one), unscrewed from its head. Of course, please always be considerate of your performance venue: if you are performing on a non- carpeted floor, you might consider covering the bottom of your rod with felt or a similar material in order to avoid damaging the floor.