April 29, 2022

Announcing This Year's Concert Season

The 2022 season marks MSC’s first “regular” season since 2019. Although we still have many COVID19 countermeasures in place for this year, we will be working completely in-person, presenting a full season of rehearsals and multiple concerts for our Mississauga and Toronto audiences. The season
begins at the end of May, with Sehnsucht meeting for the first time on May 24 th and Frisson meeting on May 25th . Registration for this season will open on May 10th .

We are very fortunate to have received a project grant from the Canada Arts Council, which will support 6 composer in residence positions along with the creation of a documentary that examines the process from start to finish behind the creation of new choral music. The MSC is dedicated to championing new choral music, and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with so many amazing composers to present their music. Some of the composers will be familiar to MSC’s regular audiences, and some will be completely new! We look forward to welcoming these composers to our choirs, and are excited to see what new music this season brings.

The theme for this season is “Illumination,” and will be dedicated to sharing our inner light in the hope that it will guide us on our path to a brighter future. Our music making will focus in on how art brings us to new understanding of life and our relationships with others. After two years away from normalcy and with stunted human connection, we think there is no better time to reflect in this way and reconnect with others.

As a choral arts organization, the time spent in various stages of lockdown has shown us the power of digital mediums in conveying our message to an audience. While the live aspect of choral music has a certain visceral and passionate energy that is sometimes difficult to capture on video, the digital
medium provides a wonderful opportunity to share this art form with wider audiences that are possible in a live setting. As part of this summer season, we are going to focus our energies on creating a documentary which sheds light on the process of developing new choral music. We are thrilled to be
working with videographer Jack Peresin on this project and are excited to be stepping a little farther outside of our comfort zone to produce a project that furthers the boundaries of expression in the choral music world.

Amidst all of these exciting new projects is some slightly unfortunate news. The MSC had been invited to Gangneung, South Korea, to participate in the World Choir Games in July of 2022. Unfortunately, due to the ongoing pandemic, the event has been postponed until July 2023. While we are sad to not be able to bring our wonderful group abroad to share our music internationally this summer, we will look forward to going in 2023, and will spend this summer and coming year preparing and continuing to fundraise. 

One final bit of good news: we have a new addition to our artistic team! Tyrese Walters will be joining as a conductor of Frisson and Rocambolesco and will undoubtedly greatly influence the workings of the rest of the organization. Tyrese has just graduated from Western University with his Bachelor of Music degree in voice performance, and this fall will be starting his Masters degree in choral conducting at the University of Toronto. Tyrese has worked for many years now on the board of directors as the Community outreach co-ordinator. We are thrilled to welcome him to this new role with the MSC.
Tyrese’s bio can be found in the about us section of the website.