September 19, 2021

We're Going to the 2022 World Choir Games in Korea!!

Fantastic news for the Mississauga Summer Chorale! We have been invited to compete in the champions competition of the 2022 world choir games in Gangneung, Korea. The MSC will bring it’s chamber choir, to sing in front of an international audience and compete for the title of the worlds best amateur choir.

The World Choir Games is an annual event hosted by the world choir council “Interkultur” Choirs from all over the globe participate in concerts, workshops, competitions, and celebrations of choral music. This year, the games run from July 4th to 14th, and will take place in many fantastic venues across the City of Gangneung.

Gangwon-do is experienced in hosting major international events: In 2018 it was the venue of the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, which went down in history as the “Peace Games” due to the joint appearance of North and South Korean athletes. A perfect place for the unifying power of choral music to become an even more significant international symbol of peace. Korea has a vibrant choral scene, which is highly valued in the country and received strong support from politics and community. The country regularly sends its choirs to participate in the World Choir Games – and often return with impressive success.

The Mississauga Summer Chorale is excited to travel across the world to share it’s wonderful sound with other groups and audiences, and to share their chamber choir’s unique approach to choral leadership and collaboration with the world choral community. Because of this trip, their season will begin much earlier than usual, with rehearsals starting in January, instead of May.

In Korea, the Mississauga Summer Chorale will premiere a newly commissioned piece by composer Nicholas Wanstall. Nicholas has been a friend of the MSC for many seasons, and we are so excited to be bringing his music across the world to share with choral music fans everywhere.

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