This isn’t your typical HR training.  

It’s a unique combination of inspiration, learning and confidence building so that you are recognized and sought after as a trusted partner.    

Expectations of HR are changing. Some organizations have embraced HR as the strategic contributor who impacts business results, others still lag with misconceptions about what the HR function can do. 

This program provides you with practical, impactful ways to affect change and alter the traditional perceptions of HR.

Through training, discussion case studies and decision models, you will develop your ability to demonstrate the true value of HR.  We shift your focus from transactional to transformational and we move you from feeling overwhelmed to creating influence.

You will learn how to:

  • Establish your HR role:  as coach, business partner, influencer and leader;
  • Confront management competence and accountability (so leaders can take more ownership of people programs and culture);
  • Build a business case and demonstrate ROI for HR initiatives (to increased buy-in and funding); and
  • Amplify HR’s voice (by speaking the language of the business)

You will come away with:

  • Practical tools and applications to ensure quick and confident implementation of your learnings;
  • Strategies for spending more time on transformational, high impact initiatives that align with business objectives;
  • Ways to get unstuck from inefficient HR processes and administration;
  • Approaches that guide the leadership team to enrich the employee experience;
  • The ability to help the business to help themselves when HR matters arise.

In-Class Sessions

Date: June 4 + 5
(pending COVID-19 protocols)

Location: Downtown Toronto, ON

Date: Sept 21 + 22

Location: Oakville, ON

Session Length: 9am – 4pm each day

Payment details provided upon registration

What People are Saying ...

Complement your academic and theoretical HR training with a journey of self-awareness & competence building, that empowers you to affect change & impact business results.