Lying Awake, Waiting

for SATB divisi a cappella
Music by: Sami Anguaya
Text by: Tom Robinson & Sami Anguaya
Commissioned and premiered by Modern Sound Collective in 2022.

Drawing on text written by both the composer and his grandfather, Lying Awake, Waiting immerses the listener in conflicting states of rest and agitation, in anticipation of what the coming day might bring.

Rise the dream is over now
     Come, and face the light of day
     (bright, blinding…)

In dreams I lie awake
Like a turtle on a deadhead
Just taking in rays, taking in rays.

Like some hummingbird at a feeder, hovering…

(Awakened dreamer, rise, and face the light)

I lay low,
Like a fossil by a roadside,
To be picked up


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MSC0001 – Lying Awake Waiting – SCORE PERUSAL PDF


Lying Awake, Waiting is a piece about restless thoughts when trying to fall asleep, and not wanting to face the day that lies ahead. The piece’s text is a combination of poetry written by the Composer’s grandfather (Tom Robinson) and some original lyrics. Throughout the piece, rhythmic, syncopated lines are juxtaposed with slow and gentle harmonies to represent the conflict between seeking rest and a busy mind filled with distractions.


Clapping Lines – The number of singers reading the clapping lines is up to the discretion of the conductor. The clapping should be crisp, precise, and not overly loud. The composer has put in suggestions as to which voice parts should do which clapping lines based on what those voice parts are doing in that moment in the piece.

Poetic Recitation – In front and on each side of the choir, there should be two dynamic microphones set up on stands for the poetic recitations (beginning at bar 47). At around bar 41, two singers should slowly make their way down to the microphones to begin the recitation section. If possible, a reverb effect should be added to the signal to give the recitations a sense of dreaminess and gravitas. The recitations should be spoken in a slow, meditative tone.

For a reference track of the poetic recitation section, and a diagram of the technical setup, contact the composer at: