for SATB & piano
Music by: Francesca Hauser
Text by: Sara Teasdale
Commissioned and premiered by Modern Sound Collective in 2022.

A gorgeous setting of the Sara Teasdale poem of the same name, Twilight evokes feelings of renewal and hope in response to challenging times.

Dreamily over the roofs
The cold spring rain is falling;
Out in the lonely tree
A bird is calling, calling.

Slowly over the earth
The wings of night are falling;
My heart like the bird in the tree
Is calling, calling, calling.


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MSC0004 – Twilight – SCORE PERUSAL PDF


Twilight was a commissioned piece I wrote during the summer of 2022 for Modern Sound Collective. After two years of the pandemic, I wanted to write a piece that was hopeful and promising. Making music started to feel comforting and inspiring to me again, and this poem by Sara Teasdale reflected that newfound inspiration. I wanted to write a piece that felt good to sing, and something that brought people together after difficult times.