May This Place

for SATB divisi a cappella
Music & text by: Nicholas Wanstall
Premiered by Modern Sound Collective in 2018.

May This Place, with both original text and music by the composer, forms a
beautiful contemplation on the meaning of love and family.

May this place be blessed.
This land, our home,
This place of love.

Our past and our present
Intertwined in this space.
Our memories of pleasure and pain,
They dwell within these walls.

The times that we share
With those we care for most,
May they never be forgotten
With the passing of time.

As we grow together
In kindness and in joy,
So shall our home
Built on these foundations.


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MSC0006 – May This Place – SCORE PERUSAL PDF


May This Place is an SATB setting of an original poem. I don’t usually set my own poetry but this particular text is quite close to my heart. It was written in 2018 after some impactful experiences that made me reconsider the meaning of love and family. It is a fairly simple setting intended to allow the text to shine through. “This land, our home, this place of love.” is the final line of text that is sung, followed by a wordless, pensive ending to represent the inexpressible feelings associated with such topics.